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  Handi Khoh
  Handi Khoh, today a deep ravine, was believed to be a huge lake which was guarded by a snake who terrorized all who came to visit the sacred spots in the vicinity. Shiva came to the rescue and succeeded in imprisoning him in solid rock.

The flames of wrath ensuing from this divine battle dried up the waters of the lake and the empty space assumed the saucer-like shape of a handi or pot. Handi Khoh is Pachmarhi’s most impressive ravine. It has a 300 ft high precipice, which dramatically cuts down deep into the bowels of the earth.

This is a lonely place where water flows far below with an incessant mumuring sound. Overhanging crags shelter huge, undisturbed beehives to the sheer rock face.
  Pandav cave  
  Pandav Caves in Pachmarhi are caves which have their origin in epic Mahabharata. It is worth visiting because of its historical relation. Actually Pachmarhi got its name due to the presence of these five Pandav caves in it. It is said that five Pandav brothers stayed in these caves in their exile period. Pandav Caves in Pachmarhi are carved out of the sandstone rock in low hill. Later these caves became the shelter to Buddhist Monks in 1st century. In present times, these caves are preserved at the protected monuments. Pachmarhi is abound with the pilgrim spots. Pandava caves are set in a garden south of the Pachmarhi town's bus stop.  
Satpura National Park
Satpura National Park is cradled in the Satpura Range. It represents nature at its very best. The fascinating deep valleys, high mountains, rivulets, waterfalls and Tawa's vast reservoir combine to give this Park an unique beauty. The terrain is extremely rugged and consists of sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, ravines and dense forests.
Buda Mahadev
Mahadeo in Pachm- arhi is the name of a hill.Mahadeo in Pachmarhi is the Mahadeo Hill which has the holy shrine dedicated to Lord Shive. It is regarded as holy for times immemorial. This shrine has idol of Lord Shiva and an impressive Shivlinga.For a person having religious aspirations, a visit to Mahadeo is enlightening.
Dhoopgarh at Pachmarhi
The highest point in the Satpura range, with a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges. A very popular spot for viewing sunsets. There is a 1000ft ascend from the road level if traveling on foot or riding a bicycle. The view is spectacular with the mammoth rock formations reflecting the light in a variety of delicate shades of purple and violet.
Protestant Church
Christ Church has got enchanting architecture and is the most attractive small church in Madhya Pradesh. It was constructed in 1875 by the British. You will be hooked by the architecture of the church. Sanctum-sanctorum of the Christ church in Pachmarhi has a hemi-spherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angles.
Hotel Royal
Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh state of central India. It's widely known as " Satpura ki Rani", situated at a height of 3500 ft.

In a valley of the Satpura Range in Pandav Caves PachmarhiHoshangabad district, 32 miles by road Pachmarhifrom Piparia station on the Indian Railways.
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