Special Attraction
The city of Jabalpur was the capital of the erstwhile medieval Gond rulers. It is not only an important historical place, but it is also famous for the Marble Rocks gorge on Narmada River, near it. It is an administrative and educational center and is the gateway to important wildlife sanctuaries around it. It is one of the largest cities in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
Places To Visit
  Madan Mahal Fort
    Built by the Gond ruler,Raja Madan Shah, in 1116 atop a rocky hill, the fort dominates the skyline and provides a panoramic view of the town and the country-side around it.
  Sangram Sagar and Bajana Math
    These medieval constructions were built by the famous Gond king,Sangram Shah between 1480-1540.
    The place from where Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed in the Narmada, Pisan Hari Jain Temples and Roopnath are some of the other places in and around Jabalpur which merit a visit
The Small village of Jabalpur tehsil situated on the bank of river Narmada and widely famous for its marble Rocks is at a distance about 21 Km from Jabalpur by road. Soaring in glittering splendour, the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat rise to a hundred feet on either side of the Narmada.
The Narmada, making its way through the Marble Rocks, Narrows down and then plunges in a waterfall Rocks,narrow down and then plinges in a waterfall known as Dhuandhar or the smoke cascade. So powerful is the plunge that its roar is heard from a far distance, The falls and the breaking of the volume of water at the crest present an awesome spectacle of Nature's power unleashed.
  Chausat Yogini Temple
Situated atop a hillock and approached by a long flight of steps,the Chausat Yogini Temple commands a singularly beautiful view of the Narmada flowing through the jagged Marble Rocks. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this 10th century temple has exquisitely carved stone figures of deities belonging to the Kalchuri period. According to a local legend,this ancient temple is connected to the Gond Queen Durgavati's palace through an undergroung passage.
  Tripur Sundari Temple
    About 12 kms from city on bhedaghat road in village Tewar "Tripuri Sundari Temple" is situated.
  Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum
    Dedicated to the memory of the great Queen Durgavati is her memorial and a museaum which houses a fine collection of sculptures, inscriptions and prehistoric relics.
  Vishnu Barha Mandir
    This is another very famous temple in Sihora Tehsil of this District.Some other interesting places are . Pisanhari ki Madiya ,Pariyat Tank, Bargi Dam,Lamheta Ghat,Devtal, Bhadbhada.
How to Reach
Air: Jabalpur has an air-strip (Dumna Airport ) at a distance of about 20 Kms from the city-centre. Jabalpur is connected to Delhi, Bhopal, Indore and Mumbai by air and daily flights are available to these places.
Rail: Jabalpur is one of the important stations on the Allahabad-Itarsi section of the Howrah-Mumbai Main Railway line. It has direct railway route to all the major cities of the country. Direct trains are available to Mumbai, Howrah, Delhi, Varanasi, Secunderabad, bangalore, Patna, Cochin, Chennai, Lukhnow, Rajkot,Surat,Guwahati,etc.
Road: On the Road-map Jabalpur is on the NH-7. It is connected to impotant neighbouring cities like Nagpur, Raipur, Bhopal, Allahabad, Sagar Etc. by road. Frequent Government as well as private buses are available to these places.
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